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Experience student life

Student culture plays a key role while studying in the herbalist and phytotherapy course. We are a safe and accessible learning environment that encourages students to discuss ideas, collaborate, present their work and receive feedback from peers and teachers. We offer students the foundation to get the most out of themselves.

You can contact the student council or participate in the student association.


Student Association

get the most out of it together

The student association connects students. In the association you can participate in working groups, collaborate on homework assignments, support each other on issues and plan extracurricular activities such as excursions, nature walks and visits to museums. You meet students from various years and can learn from each other. In addition, it is nice to be together with people who share the same passion. 

Would you like to join the association? please contact us. 


Student Council

Together we reach a higher level

We believe it is important that students can get the best out of themselves. An optimal learning environment is important for this. We are open to suggestions for improving our training. You can contact the student council to make suggestions and improvements. Together with the student council, we look at the possibilities to make adjustments to the curriculum or teaching methods.

Do you want to join the student council or do you have a suggestion for the student council? please contact us!

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