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The location


The practical lessons are given near the historic village of Bourtange in the province
southeast Groningen.

Vlagtwedderstraat 54
9545 TD Bourtange (Stakenborg)


This is possible in the indicated parking space on our site. Do not park the car along the busy road due to... the safety.

Public transport

The bus stop is within walking distance of our location. Are you traveling by train? then you can travel from Winschoten station or from Emmen station by bus towards Bourtange.


Students who are dependent on public transport may be able to: (partial) carpooling with students who own a car. Good for the environment, cozy and reduces travel costs.

Entrance location

The classroom can be reached via the front door at the front of the house. The door opens 15 minutes before the start of the class.



Opening hours

Location can only be visited by appointment


Stay overnight

B&B, Hotels and Campsites

There are students who come from far away and decide to spend the night near Bourtange after an intensive day of classes. Below you can find a number of addresses where you can spend the night.
It is not possible to spend the night at our location.

Do you have a nice and affordable B&B near Bourtange where our students can stay overnight?? Let us know.

The Staakenborgh

Vlagtwedderstraat 33
9545 TA Bourtange
0599 354 216

B&B Fortress Bourtange

Meestraat 6
9545 PJ Bourtange

Hotel Bourtange

Vlagtwedderstraat 10
9545 TC Bourtange
0599 354 674

Campsite 't Plathuis

Bourtangerkanaal-Noord 1
9545 VJ Bourtange
0599 354 383

The Weyde

Burgemeester Buiskoolweg 35 
9541 XM  Vlagtwedde

Your B&B listed here?
send us a message!
(only in the municipality of Westerwolde)

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