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Herbalist & Phytotherapy

where craft, tradition and knowledge come together

Are you also attracted to what the plant world has to offer us? and do you learn best by doing and experiencing? 

Then the herbalist & phytotherapy at Eleoflora is really something for you!

You get to know plants in various ways; medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, creative and cultural, both in theory and practice. We teach traditional Western herbal medicine with science as the common thread. The best of both worlds that makes you a professional and skilled herbalist & phytotherapist makes.


We believe that good education involves much more than just acquiring knowledge and we attach great importance to acquiring practical skills. An active learning process, combined with guidance from a passionate teacher, is what you can expect when you come to study with us. We strive together with you to bring the training to a successful conclusion.

There are many facilities available to you; Our beautiful location has a botanical garden where you can learn about and process plants in 'real life', a beautiful nature reserve in the Groningen landscape for wildcrafting excursions, a classroom where you can practice practical skills and an extensive school library.

There is also a digital learning environment ready for you to master the theory with useful tools such as videos, active summaries and practice questions. You can also exchange experiences with fellow students and students from other years within the student association.


Are you ready to get the best out of yourself? Join!


More information about the content and costs of the training can be found in our brochure


Our pillars

The building blocks of the herbalist and herbalist



Medicinal plants, trees, mosses, mushrooms and more. Ingredients, properties and indications. Learn to recognize, harvest, process and use plants.



Creative expressions with plants such as eco printing and textile dyeing. But also process plants in ornament. Photographing or drawing plants is also possible.



Add plant extracts to various natural cosmetic preparations for different purposes.



Herbs have been used since the beginning of humanity in both religious and cultural ways.  Preparations from various cultures and religions are made.



Processing wild herbs and fruits into delicious, healthy and tasty dishes and drinks.


Therapeutic education

A good therapeutic attitude is important when giving herbal advice. Learn conversation and listening techniques.
This also includes business operations.  In addition, basic knowledge of the human body is studied on various fronts.


Meet plants from theory in real life

in our botanical garden so you can quickly understand and get to know them better. Our garden has various themes such as healing power, scent, color, food, roses, wild herbs, fruit, vegetables and more. Our classroom is equipped with all the facilities to master the subject.


Eleonora van Nieuwenhoven
Master herbalist and herbal therapist

Passionate, decisive, honest, empathetic and thoughtful. 


Traditional  and modern herbal medicine.
Extensive, practical and no-nonsense.
For the doer and thinker.



Would you like to get to know us better?
or do you have questions about the training?
App, email or call us!

Vlagtwedderstraat 54
9545 TD Bourtange
Netherlands - Province of Groningen


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