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Eleonora van Nieuwenhoven

Accessible and motivating

As a young girl I was already fascinated by nature. I looked for stones, shells and plants to collect. I playfully processed the plants into all kinds of soups and porridges.


I think that this is how almost every herbalist's phytotherapist started their love for the profession and perhaps you also recognize yourself in my story?

My love for plants started to take a more serious shape around puberty. I had a balcony off my room in my parents' house where I grew lavender, rosemary and sage. I bought my first essential oil and became a member of the 'mind body spirit' magazine, which regularly contained herbal recipes for natural healing and care that I could then try out with my friends. I didn't want to go to domestic science school, as many girls my age chose. I chose the Agricultural Training Center where I could work with plants and animals and receive training in processing agricultural products. My favorite subjects were biology, physics and chemistry and processing of agricultural products. 

I ultimately chose  for healthcare. Even then, I found the human body fascinating and I wanted to make an important contribution to society. I graduated in 2003 and started working in healthcare. On some points, regular care went directly against my principles. I missed the connection with nature in healthcare and the holistic view of healthcare provision. There is a medicine for almost every ailment, but why is the problem not being looked at more often? connection between the problem and healthy nutrition? 

In 2005 I met my husband and he told me about someone he knew who had real herbal training and is now a herbalist. In 2007 I  started at Frigga's Korenbloem to become a 'herb professional'. A world opened up for me. After the first day of class on the way home, all I saw was the beauty of the plants I had met that day and I saw potentially medicinal plants everywhere that I initially mistook for weeds. When I graduated in 2009, I started giving workshops and courses to people who are as inspired by the plant world as I am. I noticed that it gave me a lot of energy. I also completed the HBO Basic Medical and Psychosocial Knowledge course for a solid foundation as a therapist.


The profession does not stand still and is constantly developing. I wanted more depth and went back to school at Herba Sanitas where I was trained in modern herbal medicine with a scientific approach. I learned to think and learn critically. I also follow various further training courses with colleagues from different fields (at home and abroad) to stay up-to-date.


By following various training courses, I am becoming more and more motivated to manifest my dream that I have had for a while; become a teacher of my own training course to inspire and motivate people to find and promote their way in the beautiful profession! 

I hope that I can inspire you to fully pursue this beautiful profession and open your eyes wide to the plant world.

Atmosphere tests

Experiences of participants

students speak about the course and the teacher

The training is still in its infancy, but there have already been people who have followed a course or workshops at Eleoflora and are happy to share their experiences with you!


Had a great weekend. Heard a lot about herbs and their effects. We've made a lot. Go home with a nice reference book and finished products. Eleonora and Sil thank you very much for a great weekend.


I did a very nice incense workshop at Eleoflora with my two daughters at a festival. Very cozy and there was plenty of room for your own input. A very nice moment. And leaves you wanting more. In April I will be taking a herbal course at Eleoflora.


What a wonderful weekend this was. We started with a tough theory block that took some time to get through. What information... and then get to work with the information. Now I have a lot of basic skills and knowledge in my backpack where I can start experimenting. Thanks to Eleonora for all this beauty. Sil, thank you for the delicious meals and fellow students for the fun and cooperation during this beautiful weekend. For seekers of knowledge; If you want to start with a good, non-vailing foundation, choose this course!!


Just returned home from a super weekend basic herbal course at Eleoflora. Learned so much and what a knowledge Eleonora has. What hospitality, highly recommended for everyone. You get more than your money's worth, not to mention our top chef Sil and his heavenly cooking skills. The herbal course you absolutely must have taken. A 10+

Thank you very much for the fun soap making workshop! Perfectly taken care of from start to finish. It was very clear and educational with a lot of attention and time for us as students. Very nice open atmosphere, I was warmly welcomed and had a pleasant time. I quickly felt at home. I can recommend the workshop to everyone. Thanks Eleonora, it was great!!
Kind regards, Josephine

What is great about the lessons at Eleoflora is that flat theory is brought to life through practical implementation. This allows me to remember the theoretical material better and it encourages me to actually work practically.


The atmosphere during the lessons is open, friendly and calm. The humor between the serious lessons provides lightness and makes everything lively. There is always room to ask questions and everyone is equal.

The theory is clearly described and the practical lessons absolutely bring it to life.


Your opinion here? mail us :)

Your opinion here? mail us :)

Your opinion here? mail us :)

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