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Who is the training suitable for?

 At Eleoflora there is room for everyone who is motivated to practice as a herbalist and/or herbalist. This could be a herbal enthusiast, a professional who wants to take knowledge and skills to the next level or a therapist who wants to expand an existing naturopathic practice with phytotherapy.


Students with various prior education will do well during the course. During the course there is room for personal growth and development and to study in the way that suits you best. Some people learn best by reading for hours and others prefer to be hands-on, after which the theoretical knowledge falls together like pieces of a puzzle. Our training is estimated between MBO and HBO, but students with other previous education are also very welcome.

Registration process

- Read our brochure.
- Are you excited? Then schedule an introductory meeting.

- Positive conversation? welcome to the training!

- Complete the registration form.

- After the registration costs have been paid, you are officially registered.



- Digital skills: working with a computer, laptop or tablet, searching the internet, working with Word and PowerPoint

- Good motivation and perseverance.

- English reading and listening skills are an advantage


- Laptop or Tablet

- Recent Word program & PowerPoint
- Practical clothing and closed shoes
- Book of the bibliography

More information about the registration procedure, skills and requirements? You can read that in our brochure!


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