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Are Eleoflora products organic?
We work together with several companies that have an organic quality mark, such as 't Blauwe huis.
These products are certified organic. Other products do not have this quality mark. This does not mean that these producers use artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Small producers often cannot afford the certification procedure. Eleoflora only selects high-quality and honest raw materials that we use in our end products.

Do all herbs come from Eleoflora's garden?
No, we work with suppliers who produce high-quality raw materials. They have much better materials and machines to do this properly and efficiently. On a small scale we use herbs from our own garden, such as in the production of tinctures or oil macerates. 

Are Eleoflora products made in-house?
All end products (herbal teas, incense mixes and artisanal soaps) for sale are made personally by me. I import the raw materials to make the end products from various suppliers. 

Why is the effect of the herbal products not described anywhere?
The EU has banned making health claims on products that have not undergone clinical, placebo-double-blind scientific research. You will understand that as a small entrepreneur it is unaffordable for me to have each product tested separately.  Eleoflora uses the permitted claim terms of the KOAG/KAG to describe the products.

I don't see the products I'm looking for in the online store, can these be ordered on request?
It depends on what exactly you are looking for. It may be that a herbal product is sold out or that I have not yet included it in my range. It is best to send me a message with your request.

Why can't all products go through the letterbox?
According to, a letter may not be higher than 3.2 cm (even though your letterbox may be larger). Most jars and bottles are higher than 3.2 cm. The store system calculates whether your order will fit through the letterbox. 

Are there other workshops available than those listed on the website?
Yes, a lot is possible in consultation. It is best to send a message with your specific wishes.

Can I always use herbs without risk?
There are many herbs with contraindications and interactions. Whether you can use herbs safely depends entirely on your personal situation. Age, allergies, chronic diseases, surgery, (regular) medication use, pregnancy and breastfeeding are things to take into account. In addition, there are also herbs that are toxic to a greater or lesser extent if the dosage is too high. 

Why can't I get health questions answered by email?

In order to provide good advice on your health questions, I need a complete picture of your situation. The health complaint alone is not enough. You can arrange a consultation to give you safe advice. This can be done via a personal conversation (at the practice or at your home). This consultation is not free of charge as I have to spend a lot of time on it to provide safe, appropriate and personal advice. More information about consultations can be found on the pageconsultations. Questions like "I sometimes have a bruise di walk up while exercising, can you give me some advice?" or "I have a cut, which herb can I use for this?" I would like to answer with love in a short email, free of charge and without obligation.

Someone has determined through an oracle or vision that I need a certain herb for my health problems, can you tell me how I can use this herb?

I strongly advise against using an herb that has only been determined on the advice of an oracle or other energetic medium. Herbs contain traceable and active ingredients (unlike homeopathy and Bach flowers). If you want to use herbs energetically for health problems, it is better to contact a homeopath or Bach flower therapist.

A certain herb grows a lot in my garden, does this mean that this plant is good for me? 

In certain areas one plant is more common than another. Just because it grows in your garden does not mean it is healthy for you. 
Of course, I also see herbs as more than just small (and large) chemical factories.
In my experience, herbs do have an energetic effect that can help us in our existence. I just think it is important that a clear separation is made between the energetic effect of herbs and the clinical medicinal effect (scientifically substantiated) of herbs. Do you feel that herbs grow in your garden because they have a message for you? or can help you in your daily life, then feel free to carry these herbs with you in a pouch around your neck or in a piece of paper or cloth in your pocket. But don't expect it to help get rid of your varicose veins. Never use these herbs internally without being properly informed about what these herbs do on a physical/physical level.

Is your burning question not listed?
please feel free to contact us: - 0657202475

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