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Our training

Learn, experience, do

Theoretical modules

At home

  • Extensive modules to gain knowledge.

  • Studying theory in your own  environment, when it suits you.

  • Lesson preparation assignments

  • Accessible multiple choice tests to check your knowledge.

  • Regular classroom online coaching with the teacher.

  • Online platform where you can exchange experience with fellow students.

Practical skills

at our location

  • Theoretical knowledge is converted into practical skills.

  • We enter into a dialogue about the theoretical modules.

  • Preparation of herbal products: medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, creative and cultural.

  • Therapeutic skills are practiced in a safe setting.


for extra learning fun

  • Access to the school library during practical lessons.

  • Access to open teaching days; meet other students from other classes and years.

  • Access to the student association and student council.

  • Cuttings and seeds are regularly available for students to start their own herb garden.

  • Possibility to participate in excursions.

  • Possibility to participate in teaching modules from external experts.

More details about the training, such as curriculum and training costs, can be read in our brochure

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