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Nothing is more beautiful than developing your own unique scent that suits you completely, using only natural raw materials. Making your own perfume is a creative process and you can train yourself in this. During the workshop you will learn the basic principles of making a good perfume. We will do scent exercises to train your nose, you will learn to smell correctly and you will experience what scent notes do in your body. You will learn to use the different fragrance notes and how to combine and compose them in a perfume. You will also learn how to make your own fragrance extract from a raw material (an absolute).

What are you going to make:

- A personal perfume in a beautiful perfume bottle
- A solid perfume in a beautiful perfume ointment jar
- A room spray/aura spray
- Prepare an absolute

There is a wide range of essential oils so that a unique perfume can be created.
The workshop includes a reader, products and a vegan lunch.


Dates:by appointment

Workshop: Making a natural perfume

VAT Included
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