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In this workshop you can learn how to make soap the traditional way.
We make a cold process soap (CP) and a hot process soap (HP).
The workshop lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours.  However, soap cannot be rushed, so take time into account.

The soap we are going to make has herbs as a basis. Consider, for example, marigold soap, rose soap, lavender soap, chamomile soap, coffee soap, etc. The useful effect of the soap comes first. The appearance and smell are a lower priority. 

Before we get started in practice, we first take a bit of theory about the different raw materials, working methods and safety regulations.  The workshop is only suitable for (young) adults (from approximately 15 years).

You will also be sent 2 pieces of the soap made once they are ready to ship. This workshop has a maximum number of participants of 8 people.

I provide a pan of soup and  bread. The meal is vegan.
Please let us know about your allergy and I will try to take it into account. If it is easier, you can also bring your own lunch.

Workshop: Artisan herbal soap

€ 95,00Price
VAT Included
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