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Green Hojari - Oman
(Boswellia sacra)

Origin: Oman – Middle East
Odor: Lemony fresh, invigorating and illuminating.

Characteristics: Purification - Truthfulness

Description: The king's incense among all incense types. It purifies the atmosphere and draws our minds into cosmic realms. All heaviness is released, all attachments are released and one begins to feel oneself and one's own indomitable strength and energy again. It guides us to our true path and gives us the strength to walk that path with truthfulness. Over time it may lose some of its green color, but the effect and intensity will be retained for years.

Contents: 15 grams

Frankincense resin: Hojari, green - Boswellia sacra - 15 grams

VAT Included
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