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Set of 12 botanical postcards about the Plant Kingdom.

Colorful series of postcards with botanical illustrations and fun facts on the back about the steps in evolution. 

On the inside of the folder there is a diagram about the evolutionary steps of plants from water to land, from moss to flower. 

The cards and folder are sustainably printed with bio-ink on paper made from agricultural residual material (without felling trees!). They are even compostable, but that would be a shame 💚 

The cards were lovingly conceived, drawn, designed and published by Tanja Hilgers.

PS: Tanja has consciously chosen not to provide the folders with a coating, which is the most sustainable option. As a result, you may see fingerprints and traces of use on the fold lines where the ink will eventually wear off, the folder will "come alive". 

The Evolution diagram can be admired on a large scale in the Evolution Garden of the Green Meeting in Zoeterwoude.

Postcards: Evolution of the plant kingdom by Tanja Hilgers

VAT Included
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